My Wig Fell Off at the gym | #WorldMentalHealthDay

I was mid frog jump when I felt a sudden rush of breeze on my scalp as my wig flew into the air. I watched $200 worth of Brazilian locs fall 10 meters from my feet on the floor of the gym, while I simultaneously released a cry of muffled horror. A split second passed before white heat flooded my brain, rendering me completely blank.

Breakfast & Yoga? Um, yes please.

Urban Yoga and HAPI have launched a “Breakfast & Yoga” package for only AED 120pp, allowing you to engage in your morning yoga routine with the promise of a delicious and healthy breakfast. We don’t know about you but we’re motivated.

Why I can't Diet | Confessions of a "Fit Foodie"

Honestly? Bread.

Oh also, dieting sucks. Tell me I can’t eat rice and watch me eat everything from boiled rice smoothies to rice pizza topped with rice syrup. The very nature of dieting defies who I am. I break rules, I fail, I’m human and I’m okay with that.