Sweaty Smelly Gym feet? Here's how to deal with it #DFFTips


Most athletes will have suffered from sweaty, smelly damp feet at some point in their lives, but in the humid Dubai summer stinky feet can become a persistent issue that’s quite irritating and embarrassing. Thankfully, it’s a problem that can be quite easily dealt with. In Biology 101 we were told that one of the major functions of the sweat glands is to regulate our body temperature when its hot and also when we exert ourselves physically. Did you also know that the bottom of the feet has the most sweat glands in the body? Interestingly, unlike the other sweat glands in our body, our feet secretes sweat 24/7 and not just in response to heat and exercise.

The bad odor is caused when the bacteria on our  skin breaks down the sweat as it comes from the pores releasing an acid product which reeks like pungent cheese. Yeah, ewww. If you want to avoid the awkward sniffles when next you bare your feet at the gym, do try these simple tips. 

Hygiene, duh.  
Ensure you clean your feet daily. Wash throughly with antibacterial soup and dry through, especially between your toes. Keep your toe nails clean and neatly trimmed to avoid fungus growth.

Air your feet
Thanks to the athleisure trend more people are wearing sneakers casually. In between your fancy party sneakers, to run down gym shoes, make sure you let your feet breathe. Bacteria flourishes in a dark, warm and moist environment i.e a closed toe shoe, so when next you want to reach for your trainers consider some sandals instead.

Soak your feet
Use one part Apple cider vinegar to one part warm water for a DIY anti-bacterial soak, the vinegar kills off bacteria and helps combat odor. Haven’t got any Apple cider vinegar? Try using some epsom salts or used tea bags for the same relief.

Pamper your feet
Now your feet are clean and dry, make them pretty. Nice feet never lose their appeal. We recommend indulging in an Elim Spa foot treatments available for men at Joe Raad and Goodfellas, and for women at Kozma & Kozma or Bedashing beauty branches. Retail sized products also available to purchase to create a similar experience from the comfort of your own home. For more information visit http://www.elimspaproducts.com/

And don’t forget, Shoe care.
Your gym shoes shouldn’t live in your gym bag. After your workout make sure you air your shoes out on a rack to avoid creating a bio-dome of bacteria in your Nike’s. It’s also a good idea to rotate your gym shoes giving each pair time to properly air out before you wear them again.

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