5 Things I Love About my Apple Watch - #DFFTech

I remember my first iPhone like it was yesterday, it was a High school graduation present from my mum, and at the time I couldn't think of anything I wanted more. That was about 7 years ago; 4 iPhones, several broken screens, 2 mac books, one hard drive crash and an iPad later, I unboxed my first Apple watch. 

Gbemi Giwa
Relax & Unwind at The Pullman Deira Creek

If you workout regularly then you're no stranger to pain. There's the pain when you're pushing through your last rep, digging deeper and challenging yourself: this is good pain, we love this pain. Then there's the pain the day after, sore muscles that just get in the way of everything else: this is bad pain, we don't like this pain.

Gbemi Giwa
Workout #OOTD’s You Need This Season

As we enter September we welcome the new, cooler season. The Dubai beaches will repopulate and everyone will be outdoors. In my opinion there’s no better way to celebrate the weather than stepping out in new workout gear, regardless of if you are going for a run on the beach, yoga in the park or cycling at the autodrome.

Essential Vitamins for a Healthy Body

Have you ever wondered what role each vitamin plays when it’s in your system? Which food contains what vitamin? Is Vitamin A more important than Vitamin K? For answers to all these questions and more, check out our Vitamin power list below:


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