This Dubai restaurant has an Avo’ Club and you’ll want to join it #Comptoir102

Like everyone in the wellness industry, I have a thing for avocado, it’s a creamy, delicious and a healthy fat I don’t have to feel guilty about eating, what’s not to love?  I was beyond excited when one of my favourite healthy food joints Comptoir 102 launched their brand new menu, starring the the Avo’club amongst many other jaw-dropping delicious and nutritious dishes.


But first, avocado, the Avo’ Club is served on homemade bread, topped with sliced, topped with 2 organic poached eggs sprinkled with turmeric, miso and cashew cream. Bruh. It is everything you want in an avocado toast and then some. The best part? It’s available throughout the day, thank you all-day breakfast gods.


Comptoir 102 is quite popular amongst resident vegans, so all plant-lovers would be happy to hear about the new vegan specialties including the Cream Cheese Crostini, the Vegan Bowl and an incredible Vegan Nut Cheese Plate featuring homemade cheeses, fig paste, almond nuts and homemade organic bread.  


The restaurant has also launched a range of homemade Vegan Ice Cream which we’ve heard is absoultely delicious. The frozen treats are completely sugar-free so you can feel good while enjoying scoop after scoop of flavors like thyme, mint, matcha, curcuma or black sesame. I know where I’ll be this weekend. Have you tried Comptoir’s new menu? Tell us what you think.

To know more visit Comptoir 102's website and follow their social channels for updates. 

FoodGbemi Giwa