Why I can't Diet | Confessions of a "Fit Foodie"


Honestly? Bread.

Oh also, dieting sucks. 

My journey with food has always been up and down. Growing up my mum taught us that it was essential for a female child to learn how to cook, otherwise how would I ever be suitable for marriage? So as natural result, I hated cooking. I later fell in love with food and cooking, but the me at 16 who hated things that she was supposed to do and always wanted to break the rules is still pretty much the same me now, albeit mostly acne free. 

Tell me I can’t eat rice and watch me eat everything from boiled rice smoothies to rice pizza topped with rice syrup. The very nature of dieting defies who I am. I break rules, I fail, I’m human and I’m okay with that.

So no, it’s not just you. I’m always bit taken aback when people think because I blog about food and fitness I can’t enjoy a piece of cake. I advocate healthy eating because it makes me feel good, and there are a million and one benefits to it, and I will always keep majority of my diet "healthy".  However forcing myself into strict nothing allowed diet for whatever reason requires an obsession with food that I don’t think is necessary. What many also fail to realize is that, the ability to diet inevitably comes from a place of privilege. You can afford to choose what you eat, many people can’t. 

So the next time you get that sunken feeling like you just committed a crime simply because you ate a donut instead of a salad, remember your privilege and be thankful you at least had something to eat. Make good choices and don’t beat yourself up about the bad ones. Healthy is somewhere in between following the rules and breaking them. The picture isn’t black and white. Life is for living, so live. Eat salads and eat bread, unless of course you’re actually extremely intolerant to gluten and can actually die, then don’t. 

Gbemi Giwa