Ramen & more things to eat at Wokyo


Inspired by the exotic flavors of street food stalls in the Far East, the Wokyo noodle bar sits nestled in-between the tight clusters of JLT serving up oodles of noodles for hungry Dubai stomachs. With tons of deliciousness to choose from, their authentic menu is designed to give you complete freedom over what you eat.

On the Wok menu, you can choose from 6 types of sauces, 5 types of Noodles and your protein fix with several toppings.  My favorite combo is the Buckwheat Noodles, Osaka Sauce, Chicken & Shrimp with extra Cashew which comes up to AED 48. It is the bomb.


Although the Wok noodles are the star of the show at Wokyo, the Ramen menu options are not to be ignored. At the end of last year, Wokyo introduced their Sapporo style ramen menu which is slightly different from the classic Japanese ramen style and comes from the yokocho “alley” in Japan, where Japanese ramen was invented.  


When you order a bowl of ramen from Wokyo, what you get is whole wheat ramen noodles made from pure melted snow water and local Nishiyama farmed wheat served in a mouthwatering broth prepared with long hours of love and care. You can actually taste the love.

Wokyo Staff.jpg

The excellently executed food, healthy options, warm hospitality and a vibrant atmosphere reminiscent  of the streets of Tokyo make dining at Wokyo a true delight. Bonus? It’s also very pocket friendly.

DFF recommends:
Homemade Spring Rolls | Vegan | AED 22
Crispy Reckon Chips | Vegan | AED 22
Seoul Flaming Drumsticks | AED 22
Sapporo Miso Ramen | AED 52
Buckwheat Noodles in Osaka Sauce
Matcha Soy Latte | AED 16
Matcha Ice-cream | AED
Matcha Mochi | AED 12

For delivery or dine-in:
800-WOKYO (96596)


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