5 Things I Love About my Apple Watch - #DFFTech

I remember my first iPhone like it was yesterday, it was a High school graduation present from my mum, and at the time I couldn't think of anything I wanted more. That was about 7 years ago; 4 iPhones, several broken screens, 2 mac books, one hard drive crash and an iPad later, I unboxed my first Apple watch. 

Obviously, when it comes to personal gadgets I have a preference. So when the Apple team in Dubai asked me to test out the Apple watch series 2, I felt like a kid in the candy store. I remember holding my unboxed watch in my hand for what seemed like hours before I pulled the plastic wrap off and opened the box. My preciousss.

I knew what it was going to look like, I had seen the pictures, but as I wrapped it round my wrist for the first time and set it up with my iPhone, I couldn't help admiring the sheer sleekness of it, Bae. I've now had my Apple watch for about 3 months and here are 5 things I absolutely love about it.

1. Tracking workouts: Up until I received my watch, I'd been lackadaisical about tracking my fitness. I had all the standard iPhone fitness apps, but I'd often forget to log my workouts, plus I couldn't always have my phone on me while lifting, doing anything outdoors or in water. Now the Activity app helps me track everything from how many calories I burn during a workout, to how much I'm standing vs. sitting. 

2. Finding my iPhone: I'm always looking for my phone and while that used to involve begging a friend to call me, now all I need to do is ping my iPhone with my watch and my phone immediately makes a loud sound so I can easily find it.   

3. Hands-off Notifications: This is one of my favs, all my notifications come through my watch, so I can quickly glance through and shift for importance messages without even picking up my phone. This is particularly useful if you want to be cheeky at work ;) 

4. Answer Phone Calls: The first time I picked up a phone call with my watch everyone starred at me like. "Why is this crazy black girl talking to her watch?" I starred back like, "Welcome to 2017 b*tches" and carried on with my phone call. It's also great for times, when your phone is ringing but it's too far away, you can pick up on your watch and switch over to your iPhone when you get a hold of it. 

5. Versatility: To take my watch from sweaty to chic, all I need to do is to change the strap and watch face. There so many option to pick from with mid-range to high end luxury brands. I can also rotate between having my Activity as the watch face or a scenic landscape picture or an illustrated piece of art, anything I want really. 

There are so many more benefits to having an Apple watch but these are my top five at the moment.  
I'll be sharing more tips and tricks with the watch soon, so stay tuned to my tech series for that.  Want to know more? Visit Apple.com/ae
You can buy the Apple watch HERE