Go from Gym to Beach with Roxy Fitness Wear

Roxy the women's line by Quicksilver originally started as a swimwear brand which blossomed into a successful sportswear line known for their "Fun, Bold, Athletic, Daring and Classy" pieces. Last weekend, they hosted a Run followed by  a SUP Yoga session, to celebrate their new collection.

The collection introduces several versatile fashionable pieces that could take you from your run to the water in comfort. I've picked out two outfits that I'd wear in the blink of an eye.


Pairing two patterned pieces together is very on trend. I love the bold and vibrant colors of the fabric, which immediately add a fun factor to the outfit. 


Things get really interesting when you pair black and white patterns together. The absence of colour draws added attention to the form and fitting of the outfit enhancing your figure. 

These pieces are available at roxy.com  
@Roxy on Instagram