Does Weight Loss Affect the Size of Your Breasts?

The number one #FitGirlProblems you’ve probably seen on the Internet is that weight loss = boob loss. Is the possibility of your breasts size decreasing during the weight loss process a myth or reality? If you’re like me and you’re working with very little to start with, don’t rush off from the gym before you read this article.

Biologically, majority of a woman’s breasts are composed of fat tissue. Every woman’s body is different, especially when genetics come into play; some women have fattier breasts, while others have denser breasts. Gaining weight will mean, by default, the fat cells within the breast tissue will expand. Women with more fat tissues in their breasts will see a noticeable reduction during their weight loss journey. Similarly, women with denser breasts may not be as affected after losing weight.  

Naturally, if a woman loses a significant amount of weight as a result of surgery or extreme dieting, her breasts will most likely shrink and sag because the skin and supportive tissue in that area has been stretched out. Having an inconsistent diet and workout routine may also affect the shape and size of a woman’s breast. When a woman has an inconsistent diet regimen, the two proteins that keep her breasts firm and supported will be stretched and worn out, causing the skin to lose its elasticity.

There are a number of ways to prevent your breasts from reducing and sagging while you’re losing weight. In addition to remaining consistent and disciplined, we have a few tips to help you remain firm and supported: 

  1. Lose Weight gradually: it’s important that you avoid diet programs that will cause you to lose weight too quickly. You should focus on a plan that will produce slow but steady results.
  2. Eat Wholesome Meals: if you want to maintain a healthy weight and keep your metabolism going, try to incorporate more whole grains, lean protein and leafy greens into your diet.
  3. Wear Supportive Clothing: workout clothes are pricey but investing in supportive sports bras are worth the coins. If your workout plan includes a lot of high cardio exercises, it is important you to wear supportive clothing to prevent your breasts from sagging.
  4. Resistance Training : Don’ skip chest day, building muscle around your chest actually helps you “bulk” in that area. All the volume counts!
  5. Switch Things Up: Cardio has its benefits but there are other forms of exercise that will guarantee you have a firmer, stronger frame. Try using weights, resistances bands or medicine balls to add more intensity to your workouts.

These tips can only help to a certain degree, but as a women, we should understand that our breasts will sag and shrink as we get older. There are factors that play a stronger role in the reduction of a woman’s breast - breast feeding, drastic weight loss - but it’s only natural and should be nothing to lose sleep over.




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