Working Out On Your Period?

Okay let’s keep it real. As much as I love a good workout, the last thing I want to do is hit the gym during the time of the month. I’d rather lay in bed with a plate of cookies and watch sad commercials, but the truth is, even with the cramps, mood swings and bloated belly, I still get up and move my body for at least 30 minutes. 

The biggest myth about working out during your period, is that you shouldn’t workout during your period. There are no scientific facts to backup any claims and we have no real reason to skip a workout. 

Of course we recognize that every woman has her own unique cycle and you should do what works for you, but we do advise that you stay away from strenuous workouts and instead choose to give your body a break by engaging in light, relaxing exercises.

In this article, we are not only going to recommend some period-friendly exercises, but we are also going to highlight some of the myths that have been attached to working out during your period. Ready to take on Mother Nature? Keep reading!

A Swim A Day!
Ladies, did you know swimming during your period is perfectly ok? It’s been found that swimming helps with circulation and calming awful cramps. If you’re worried about water getting into your lady bits, fret not; very little water gets in while you’re swimming - and yes you can wear a pad or a tampon to the pool. 

DFF fun fact: Swimming is great way to exercise your legs, arms and core muscles.

Kick PMS in the butt.
Another myth you may have heard is that PMS affects how you workout. While this may true in the sense that you are simply not in the mood to get up from your bed and do some lunges, the fact is, exercising will actually improve your mood. So instead of sitting and moping around, get up and do some light cardio and watch your mood improve.

DFF fun fact: When you exercise, your body releases endorphins and these endorphins send happy feelings throughout your entire system. 

Shot of energy.
There’s a popular myth that during your period, your energy levels are at thier lowest. But did you know that during the week of your period and the week after, your body releases hormones which ends up giving you a much needed energy boost. You don’t have go too hard, but your body can definitely handle a good workout session. 

Yoga is a fantastic way to kickstart your workout schedule during the first few days of your cycle. If you’re feeling especially bloated and crampy, try the Standing Forward Fold and Happy Baby pose to ease the tension around your belly. For a more relaxing experience, slip into the calming Downward Dog and the Seated Twist pose. 

DFF Fun Fact: Yoga not only improves your flexibility, it helps with strengthening your muscles and improving your balance. 

So there you have it! Feeling lousy or being in too much pain is one of the few reasons why you shouldn’t workout on during your period, but as far as science is concerned, you’re free to run, jog or kick box as much as you want during the time of the month.