GOSSIP Cafe - When Healthy Food & Decadent Desserts Meet

When I was invited to try Gossip Desserts out, I was skeptical. I mean sure I was tempted, who wouldn’t want to go anywhere Lily Ghalichi had been but what business does a self-professed health food blogger have to do with a dessert place? My readers would not care, period.

I passed my feelings across but they were quickly appeased with the promise of a savoury healthy food menu. Health and decadent desserts in one place? I was intrigued. So I called up some girlfriends and we dressed up and went to “Gossip”.

“Gossip is designed to be a vintage, high class cafe. In other words, it is a very posh welcoming place” – Majed via Zomato. It’s super chic all right, with low plush chairs and cute cards hanging all round the tables. It felt like the perfect setting for a bridal shower. Lots of girls and lots of fluff. I even got my own place card, see what I mean?

We opted for a table outside because at this time of the year, it is criminal not to dine outside. Thank you weather gods. The very kind manger came out and walked us through the menu and concept. “Our savory menu is our best kept secret” I’m such a Gossip for telling you guys but it had to be done. We started with smoothies! Gossip has a great selection that ranges from sweet and fruity to creamy and filling.

Morning Fix - Banana, GlutenFree Oats, Soy milk, Dates with Vanilla Beans & Cinnamon! GOSSIP Super Smoothie - Acai, Blueberries, bananas & Soy milk

HeartBeet - Beets, Red Apple, Lime Cucumber & LemongrassYou can't go wrong when you blend a bunch of fruits and feed it to me. Add super foods and sneak in some veggies? I’ll love you forever. These smoothies were fresh and delicious, score 1 for Gossip.

'Old Fashioned Hot Porridge' Gluten Free Oats cocked in rice milk and cinnamon, topped with toasted walnuts, honey and fresh fruit! I’ve never really been a fan of rice milk but I could barley taste it in this dish, I’m sure it had something to do with all that delicious honey I drizzled over it. Seriously guys, they have the best tasting honey.The exotic chia seed pudding was chia seeds soaked in saffron scented almond and coconut oil, topped with papaya, raspberries and pine nuts. The description really sells the dish as it delivers all that it promises. The pudding was creamy just the way I like it and the crunchy pinenuts were a brilliant addition.

The Bircher Museli is made with Gluten Free Oats, grated apples, shredded coconut and almonds mixed with low fat yogurt, almonds and cinnamon topped with honey. Muesli is great option if you prefer a cold breakfast. It's more filling than a smoothie and this version is super tasty.Yay kale! If kale salad is on the menu, I always try it. This was simple and filling with spinach, avocado and sunflower seeds.Salmon and Mashed Sweet Potato Puree! The absolutely best thing I tasted on that day.

Moist well seasoned Salmon? Check

Melt in your mouth mashed Sweet Potato? Check

Sautéed spinach? Check

Roasted Tomatoes? Check

Creamy dill sauce? Check

Juicy chargrilled Lemon? Check

So there you have it guys, my health food experience at a dessert place. Don’t judge a book by its cover! Find full details about Gossip below and let me know if you try it.

Gbemi x

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Location - BOXPARK, Al Wasl Road,Al Safa, Dubai

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