Eat your Water! 18 foods to keep you hydrated.


According to the folks at Nestle-Waters, our body contains about 60% water. That’s a lot of water right? Now if you live in a tropical country, or you experience long, sweaty summers in your city, you’re going to need to hydrate as often as you can. We know how important it is to drink water everyday, but sometimes we forget or we just don’t feel like drinking. We’ve put together this cheat sheet to help you stay hydrated without drinking water.

These are the 18  most hydrating fruits and vegetables you need to add to your diet as soon as possible, preferably after you finish reading this DFF article. Not only are these fruits and veggies high in water content, they are also low in calories, sugar and carbs. Let’s get started!


Spinach: 91%

Broccoli: 90%

Radishes: 95% - DFF pick

Cucumbers: 96% - DFF pick

(Iceberg) Lettuce: 95%

Zucchini: 94%

Eggplants: 92%

Tomatoes: 95%

Bell Peppers: 92%


Watermelon: 91% -  DFF pick

Strawberries: 90%

Grapefruit: 90% -  DFF pick

Apples: 85%

Raspberries: 85%

Oranges: 82%

Mangoes: 81%

Cantaloupes: 90%

Pears: 84%


Hydrating Foods-01.jpg

For more information about hydrating foods and vegetables, click here.

DFF TIP: Are you wondering how much water you should drink per day? Women need to drink an average of 9 cups of water, while men need to drink an average of 12 cups of water.

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