#Motivation Why you should get a workout buddy

If you want to be better, surround yourself with people better than you or at least people with the same goals as you. This applies quite significantly to achieving your fitness goals.

 Gbemi & Tara Stiles

Gbemi & Tara Stiles

Those moments when you’re lacking motivation or when you need a spot to squeeze one or two more reps to make your workout absolute beast mode, having a workout buddy can sometimes be the difference between mediocre and incredible results. For instance, in my case, my workout buddy doesn’t have a car so I’m his commute means. Days when I don’t feel like going, as soon as he calls me, I have another reason to go to the gym, and once you’re at the gym, the battle is pretty much won.

Another noteworthy point is that a buddy helps you keep your form on point when you try new exercises or when you’re squeezing those last reps and feel like cheating.

More so, a friendly healthy competition helps to push both parties! This episode of WOW a great partner that involves sprints, inspired by Gbemi’s new Reebok shoes. There are 2 challenges in this episode, one “soft” and one “not-so-soft”

How tough are you?

Find a link to the Workout HERE

Written by Moyo for DFF